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Jeep Safari

Абу Галум

The trip by one day — Jeep Safari
White Canyon, Ein Khudri oasis, Wadi Gazelle, Stone Mushroom Price 200 LE

You leave Dahab at 8 am. By Jeep to Wadi Gazelle, then with a guide pass through the White Canyon to Ein Khudri oasis, where you dine. Then we will visit the stone mushrooms and Coloured Canyon.
Tour from 8 to 17 hours includes guide, lunch in a Bedouin-style, and tea.

Monastery of Catherine's Passage and the Coloured Canyon Price 300 LE
You leave Dahab at 8 am and two hours later find yourself in a monastery Catherine's Passage
After his inspection you go on a walk on the Colored Canyon
Tour from 8 to 17 hours includes a jeep tour guide, lunch.

Monastery of Catherine's Passage, White Canyon, an oasis of Ein Khudri Price 300 LE you leave Dahab at 8 am and two hours later find yourself in a monastery Catherine's Passage Then you go on a walk through the White Canyon and have lunch at Ein Khudri oasis tour includes transportation, guide, lunch.

Jeep safaris and camel rides at Ras Abu Galum Price 300 LE
You leave Dahab at 9 am in the Blue Hall you snorkeling 2:00 Then you go on a camel in a state park of Ras Abu Galum where, after snorkeling you will find a Bedouin lunch and tea. In 15. You leave the Ras Abu Galum hour ride on a camel you again in the Blue Hole. By jeep back to Dahab Tour from 8 to 17 hours includes Jeep, a conductor with a camel, dinner.

Jeep safari on sand Price 300 LE
You leave Dahab at 8 am and two hours later find yourself in a canyon of Arad. After inspection you go to the sand dunes from which you can ski both on the snowy hills. Then the Safra Valley Tour from 8 to 17 hours include jeep, guide, lunch.




Self-bias taxis in Egypt, in the absence of skills — are unlikely to get cheaper and hassle-free. Diverse interesting projects



Maritime tour — in this exciting trip you can go fishing on the high seas and snorkelling in the pristine dive sites of the Red Sea. Tour from 9 am to 17 pm. The cost of LE 350 per person.

Ras Mohammed National Park

Marine Tour
We leave Dahab at 7h. On taxis and in Sharm el-Sheikh is transplanted to the ship. Reserve of Ras Mohamed — one of the most interesting places of the Red Sea you swim with a mask in three different places. Lunch on board. From Sharm el-Sheikh in a taxi back to Dahab at 18h. 300 LE with a tourist.

We book airline tickets flights to airports in Egypt and the airports of other countries.

Camel safari
The two-hour ride on a camel

Laguna Beach Price 80 LE
Colorful sunset in the Blue Lagoon

Wadi Al Bida Price 100 LE
In Wadi Al Bida from the top of the hill appears the most breathtaking view of Dahab's Included: guide, Bedouin tea

Half-day camel safari at Wadi Konnekshion Price 150 LE
Walking through the desert and stop at the Bedouin village of

Wadi Gouna Gorge Price 150 LE
In the oasis you'll see fresh water between the rocks struyuschuyusya Included: guide, Bedouin tea

One day on a camel safari jeep 140 LE, ride a camel 160 one-way ride on a camel back in a jeep 140 LE

Wadi Gouna and three swimming pools
In the oasis you can see the source of fresh water, then it will be snorkelling around the beautiful coral reefs, the trip to 8h., 17h ago.

White Canyon on a camel walk 300 LE 250 LE
After an hour's drive you are transferring to camels or go on foot with a guide to the White Canyon. Through the canyon you go to Ein Khudri oasis where you may have a Bedouin dinner. Further, by camel or on foot you are going to rock the Epistles and return to the car tour from 8 to 17 hours

Two days camel safari on the White Canyon and the canyon closed price is 700 LE
You will see the White Canyon, Ein Khudri oasis Nakab al Hamedat, Wadi Ghazala and Closed Canyon. Will ride on camels and Bedouin lunch and dinner under the stars. Overnight in Bedouin huts. Beginning at 8 hours. morning, returning the next day at 17h.

Other tours from Dahab

Monastery of Catherine's, Passage, Day trip Price 120 LE
Departure at 8 am. Visiting the monastery. Climbing Mount Sinai. Sunset. Descent. Return to Dahab in 21h.

Night Tour Price 80 LE
Check out within 23 hours meeting sunrise on Mount Sinai. Visiting the monastery. Return to Dahab in 12 hours. Day

Only monastery Catherine's Passage Price 150 LE
Departure at 8 am. Visiting the monastery. Return to Dahab in 14h. Only transport

Ship with a glass-bottomed Price 100 LE
Departure daily at 10, 11, 12h. And a half hours sailing on the ship you will see beautiful underwater reef Napoleon and Islands

Horseback ATV Price 180 LE
Trip to Wadi Gunat oasis will take about two hours

Horseback riding Price 60 LE per hour
You can book a walk to any number of hours

Dinner in the mountains of Price 180 LE
At 18h you go to the mountains Bedouin candlelight dinner by the campfire under the stars, enjoy the peace and solitude

Excursions snorkeling (snorkeling)

Blue Hole Price on a jeep 50 LE на , 120 with a camel human world famous place for diving and snorkeling

Blue Hole and Canyon in a jeep on a camel 70 LE 120 Two great places for snorkeling

Three pools jeep 70 LE 120 on a camel wonderful place

Blue Lagoon
Beautiful sandy beach in Dahab by jeep 25 LE on a camel 80

All of these daily trips in the morning at 9, 10, 11, 12h. Return to the wishes of tourists to 17chasov. Include the rental of equipment for snorkeling

National Parks

Национальные парки

Nabq Reserve Jeep 300 LE
You swim around coral reefs and stroll around the magnificent mangrove thickets. Tour from 9 am. up to 17h

Ras Mohammed in a jeep 400 LE to ship $ 90
The world-famous place for diving and snorkeling tour from 9 am. Up to 17h

Ras Abu Galum Jeep 250 LE 200 on a camel, on foot, 100
A great place for snorkeling, lunch in a Bedouin-style tour of 8h. Am to 17h

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