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Buglama вообще-то считается грузинским блюдом и готовится только из баранины. Но в последнее время, приготовление этого тушеного блюда наблюдалось и с использованием говядины. Есть версия, что от традиционного рецепта отхождения большие и в плане использования зелени, специй и приправ. Особо «одарённые» actually considered a Georgian dish and is produced only from the lamb. But recently, the preparation of this stew was observed with the use of beef. There is a version of the traditional recipe that a discharge of large and in the use of herbs, spices and seasonings. Most «talented» chefs argue that there is a potato to be here — this is complete nonsense.

Buglama — a stew on the bone, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, spices and herbs. Meat to boil for some time in the original state of "melt in your mouth." Tasty, in a word and a larger volume than cook — the masterpiece we get a result. To convert the recipe into a reality we need:

Buglama prepared almost on its own steam, with a minimum of water. Not for nothing, the beginning of the name is taken from the Asian words "Bug" — par. This revealed the essence of technology for preparation, ie do not boil or fry, namely the stew. Large kettle, a lot of meat and do not hurry — a pledge masterpiece results.

Familiarity with such an original and delicious dish — of course, preferably in the homeland of origin, where the thread there. But you can try to cook up something similar and independently of Asian dishes… Here.