Different varieties of rice

Rice and its varieties

From the column are made of… products available and trying to make it edible. Rice is one of the main ingredients of most Asian dishes. Rice noodles also widespread in many countries around the world and is particularly popular in Chinese and Korean cooking, but somehow we voosnovnom sell it low quality, either wholly inadequate price.

The fact that different varieties of rice there is great variety — they know everything. But what they really are very different in taste and its heat treatment is desirable for each class… guess a few sticky rice for example is usually taken only a cook for a couple, rather than cooking in water.

Alternative cooking rice in a pouch

Is not even meaningless — remember why even purchased plastic portion packs are sometimes obtained quite edible product. The main feature of this way — if the manufacturer has to asses the proportions — the bag limit excess moisture and swell even further when cooking in large quantities of water. Theoretically or experimentally practical empirically possible and to learn this. Here the most important thing correctly choose the fabric and sew from her bags of various sizes.

The classic version of cooking rice

РисFig thoroughly washed in a large amount of water in the sink…, preferably rubbing it between your palms, until, until the water no longer accept milk hue and becomes transparent. Drain water from washed rice and fill it with fresh water.

Here is the key question — how much water do you want?
And the answer correspondence — not exactly! The volume of water depends on the variety of rice dishes, and what we cook. Roughly flat at the bottom of the pan a layer of water covers the rice to a height of about 2–2,5 cm.

Competently cooked rice — it does not boil it until tender in plenty of water! For rice need high and deep pan — better cauldron with a thick bottom and a tight-fitting lid.

We bring water to a rapid boil and diminishes the fire — with the lid closed, and when the water covered the surface of the rice evaporates, heat diminishes until a minimum level of preparedness and waited. During this time, excess water and evaporated and absorbed into the rice.

As a result, it will become soft and crumbly. Fig pretty teploemok — long can I keep hot in a good bowl. Asians it is often stored in a large thermos. Type epilogue: try to look different varieties of rice and experiment with. Different results — very impressive.