Soup with chicken, tomatoes and noodles

Суп с курицей и лапшой

It's really very tasty and huge portion. It should be a soup for about two and a half U.S. dollars, but it is Well in the restaurant. And in the heat — this is the fact that it is necessary. There are varieties of cold like a masterpiece. You can ask for more different sauces without natural supplements. Yes, and cook each time with some funky flavor variations. Yum-yum in one word. Yes, and sesame seeds are very harmonious present.

Even helluva lot of hungry man need a decent time to eat the whole batch. And do not forget that this is still a real restaurant with the whole service. Unfortunately, local (for local residents) cafes such demonstration of culinary delights are not trained, this only serving the public. But no less tasty, and almost as significant decorated culinary masterpieces can be found always and at a more affordable price.

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