Chinese black fungus

Chinese black mushroom tree

Buy in large cities Russia dry pressed wood mushrooms are quite real. Several different varieties and one of them black mushroom shiitake. The whole business, it remains to learn how to properly prepare. There is nothing complicated about this process, not at all. So, the story of the correct preparation of Chinese black fungus wood Shamanism further cooking.

For a complete and harmonious transformation of the dried substance — cake soaked only in water at room temperature. It is very desirable in hot water and even more so — zavapivat boiling water. Typically, the packaging is quite intelligible statement — and it ought to respect. Ambush is a Russian translation of the text — there'd better be careful. The picture on the screen as an example, even settled down. And on the reverse side — absolutely masterpiece translation.

Take a deep bowl, pour in the water — packing pressed start there… After about forty minutes, although depending on the type of… ninety percent of the mushroom paskpoetsya. In principle, it is already possible and now it cook, but it is better pepebpat, rinse, then pour cold boiled water and put on a day ripen — and can in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf. That's when muep paskpoetsya to the natural size — the volume will be more realistic for the packaging of dried spavneniyu gpiba ppiobpetet and elasticity, which is free will if you speed up the process. In the mushrooms in the procurement of sand often ends up, therefore — always good to wash them after the disclosure.

Black wood mushrooms — recipe type delicacy

black fungus Chinese wood

Let's try to make pressed wood Chinese black mushroom, there are all highlights of this recipe. Prepared mushrooms with salt and add a bit of this 90% vinegar. Mushrooms podmarinuyutsya slightly, while preparing filling. Clean and finely cut onions. Warm up much oil — fry red pepper, more coarse, or simple fresh in pods finely chopped — very important that the peppers were roasted, then it does not bake the language, and scorches his throat a little, and does not interrupt the taste of food — this is one of the secrets! Next — fry the onions until a light blush. Can be a bit of coriander and pour boiling mushrooms our zazharkoy. All with constant stirring, then we press the garlic and clean chesnokodavkoy. Once again, stir and give time to infuse. Mushrooms should get rich and cool crackled. And they say, wood mushrooms for health is very helpful.

Lapshevoy gpib muep and solid differ only in that paragraph two — just to cut. Chinese black mushroom wood perfectly and added to soups and various zazharki. It does not require prolonged heat treatment, and almost always retains the appearance of dignity.

Various experiments with black wood fungi were repeatedly. Variations are different, but… the speed and result in the issue of preparation of mushrooms — the most important indicator. The main feature — only the natural soaking in water at room temperature only. Any acceleration of the process — it is bad or taste or texture — certainly not increase.

In the epilogue, as an honest say that this sublimate is good only as a filler for many dishes, and the fungus itself apart is not particularly interesting. He cultivated artificial means, and also to dry. Neither taste nor smell. But he is very good as an additive to many dishes in small proportions — creating the illusion of exoticism.