Mussels sauteed with garlic

sea shells fried

Sea shells sauteed with garlic sauce, plus naiuletneyshy — this stunning Chinese culinary hit. China, in spite of all the abundance of masterpieces theirs, the author of this site is associated with this, it is easy to divine cooked dish.

A thick, nearly half inches, cast-iron flat sheet one meter long — a little less than the width of the fire from below — a gas burner. Splash a little oil, then fried clams at a constant mix and pour a little spice and water. Then add finely chopped garlic — a little more, a total of only about 15 minutes. Spread on a plate and sharp little sauce Pour two species. It is worth a large portion of 15-20 yuan…

P.S. This «pan» wash only to close, and if something is burnt — scraped off with a special knife and calcined.

With photo omission — the picture is a little piece of Great ate mussels.

And now look further or photos with commentary on the country… or a review of Chinese cooking and styling secrets for exotics.