Basic variants of heat treatment

roast onions in the pot

cauldron and its magical properties
study the sacred…

Methods and technologies making a cauldron

Especially true when there is no right ingredients. For example, everyone must understand that it is desirable to cook risotto in fat-tailed fat — Duc where is it from? We have to drastically adjust the process in accordance with the presence of a component…

If you consider the options for what fry — even here, by definition, be careful needed. Boiling point of the animal and vegetable oils and their variants are significantly different. And this is a totally different heat treatment processes are obtained.

Sometimes you need to get rid of the characteristic smell of oil for cooking. The easiest and fastest but also the most dangerous way — into boiling oil to splash a tablespoon of water. But this method can be applied only to pre-straining the brain on the topic: What it may face?

If the answer to this question did not come immediately — it just does not suit you! Take onions peeled, cut in half and fry until almost black — and take out the throw. Point.

The dilemma — what to prepare before starting?
The answer depends on the choices and sometimes the size of cut products… bigger…
And the quality, freshness and variety…

While compose the theme… — a simple homework assignment:
Given two images, upper and lower. It's the right thing, or one of them? Or just wrong or right, but not quite? Logical extension of the basic concepts and technologies, cooking delicious meals under the heading of technology and advice.

обжаривание мяса в cauldronе