Chicken soup is ordinary, but…

Chicken soup

Cook in a cauldron
elementary transforms into the divine

Technology of an ordinary, common

This process is known to most… I guess. The result is seen in the bottom of the picture, and serving — the top photo. Share it identical stomilionnomu online prescription detailed text — just not particularly make sense. A main feature of these soups that all cook only on low heat. Information about fast food (so-called junk food) at this site, you will not find for sure.

• Another rumor has it that whole peeled onion is cooked for coloring… And then either discarded or fed fan… hmm…

• There are good options for adding different vegetables obzharok… It's interesting, but… often too much, and did not always have extra dishes. And of course always in the impromptu creativity is encouraged.

The composition of spices and quantity of products — the value is always situational and creative. In the second paragraph, would help orient the top of the picture, but of the chicken should be not a little to the total Number of servings! Optimally, of course, to cook a whole chicken in a small company soul… Another important point we should mention the quality of water used for cooking our soup.

As for the add different spices…
Key: bay leaf, ginger, coriander, turmeric, various kinds of hot peppers (not white)
Fantasy has no limits, depending on their availability and mood to experiment
In this embodiment, Thai fish sauce added… — remember how Tom Yam is being prepared.

The main idea of ​​this page, that on an open fire to cook a delicious soup in a cauldron elementary. Be too clever by half with the process of cooking this soup is quite difficult, and the result is consistently good.

Суп сваренный в cauldronе