Eggplant stewed with tomatoes


Cook in a cauldron

Elementary cooking technology
easier to just cook… maybe

This is the simplest version of cooking eggplant with tomatoes — which does not require much effort. The result is seen in the bottom of the picture, but the key stage — at the top photo

Preparation technology requires attention

• In a relatively large amount of vegetable oil and fried zira finely chopped garlic.

• Add the peeled and cut into large julienne eggplant — fried, stirring constantly, over very short time oil really "hide" until the end of the ready meals. Let's call it "eggplant phenomenon."

• Here is chopped tomatoes are added gradually and very much needed!
Stir constantly and add a little tomato to balance the heat treatment.

• At the end of the half-harvested chopped tomatoes stock — add salt and spices, stirring constantly until fully cooked. Surprise — signal as soon as the mirage of the presence of vegetable oil — so soon we will eat delicious!

The composition of spices and quantity of products — the value is always situational and creative. On the second point will help to orient the top of the picture, but the balance of the dish surface with respect to the volume must be respected! (— See comment at the end of the page…)

As for the add different spices…
Key: ginger, coriander, various types of hot peppers (not white).
Fantasy has no limits, depending on their availability and mood to experiment.
In this embodiment, added Thai fish sauce.

That's all elementary and very tasty!

In connection with "aubergine phenomenon" of course it is best to fry them in a large wok (frying pan is a thin-walled with high sides and a flat bottom…) and cook in a cauldron nauletneyshie combined variation.

Eggplant stewed