Shurpa cooked in a cauldron


Pastiche Eastern cuisine in an urbanizing.



Well, of course… but only pastiche amazing and delicious. If possible, diluting the narrative pictures. Type of incentive to experiment on their own. Unfortunately it is only a page template.

As for the add different spices… This version has added asfetida. That's all elementary and very tasty!


Familiarity with these variations shurpa certainly desirable in the homeland of origin, the reasons for that much … And for such imitation of our Shurpa buy ingredients — is quite real.

In this shurpa never cereals, noodles and even any potatoes. The soup is also desirable to conjure transparent. In other cases — get soup, perhaps a delicious, but it will be called differently. The fact that it is desirable to prepare Shurpa in a cauldron — and even to mention inappropriate.

It is believed that this dish options there are so many. This is just one of a home-concocted recipes.