Frozen shrimp

Frozen Food

Frozen food — our frostbitten purchased in our trading monopoly networks. Yes, even in icy glaze it — it pestnya. The theme of the columns are made of… available products. Frankly speaking, our businessmen quite oborzeli to mayhem — several times for the additional weight namorozit some water — this is considered normal. Against this backdrop, the question arises: where are viewing the relevant supervisory organization?

If you still has managed to buy frozen ingredients — it certainly is not very good. The probability of occurrence in the trading network of frozen food correctly — is very small.

Motives for publication: what we are trying to bait and feed in fast food — the theme of a separate and sad. I guess to be first to voice unequivocal postulates. Any freezing of products with the subsequent defrosting — it is bad. Is it bad — depends on the compliance technologies of these processes. But even under ideal versions of such perversions — the taste and texture of these products just do not increase. The end user can only shaman, so at least something to keep the original and cook edible.

Various experiments were carried out repeatedly, the recipes have been heavily drawn upon visual voosnovnom Asian chefs. Variations are different, but… the speed and result in the issue of unfreezing of products — most important indicator. It makes sense to read the article Basic technologies and advice.

This is the easiest option and the right, also does not require much effort — only time you need. The process itself can see the top photo, and the result — the lower picture.

Defrost technology and key actions

The main feature of this process — conventional natural thawing. The use of external factors such as hot water or just horror — microwave oven — the taste of the final dish just will not improve.

Here is the only technology defrosting. If you still have interest to know: what for and all this necessary? Theoretically, some ingredients can be added such as home styled exotic soups as a filler. Or look at an essay on fried shrimp, such as conditionally edible… but you need it?

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