Kofta — аналог люля-кебаб

Kofta жаренная

Kofta или kofta — is analogous to our familiar kebab. In general, the topic of local names is very interesting. For example, going to local cafes and Arabic saying, "blah-blah-blah-kebab" — 99% of the whole you bring the meat, not ground meat on a skewer. There are various options prepared by roasting, of the pan to the classic version on the coals and grill electric. Normal price twenty Egyptian pounds from all over serving.

All that these photo-monographs — is about three, well, or really three and a half long-Lara U.S.. One person to eat a portion of the course, perhaps it is possible, but difficult. At least, the author of this site — this is done only a couple of times from a couple hundred of these meals and then with reservations.     :)

КоофТа (sounds fast in Arabic) — a variety of meat oblong patties of minced beef or lamb. It is clear that the pork in this region is not kosher. Anyway, from budget-tion of beef assortment — this is a godsend for anyone who is not indifferent to fresh and tasty meat. This is public cooknoe fun and more globally still belongs to the Arab cuisine, than to the Egyptian-oh. However, the distance of the region not very giant skie. And historically th past, and easily traversed on foot. These dishes are not rare even in Jordan и Turkey и даже в Israel.

Kofta на гриле