Bethel and its derivatives


India — страна контрастов
И чего там только нет

Bethel and its derivatives are very popular in many parts of India and north to the southern part of Hindustan.

This is such a "chaw" of certain peoples of Southeast Asia, made ​​from leaves of plants of the same name, and lime. Has, say, narcotic effect. And all of it's mouth and then red. In a lot of plant alkaloids. It's, like, how to eat a couple of pills and smoke hookah caffeine with strong tobacco.

In addition to classic design with leaves, there is a "pan masala" — small packets of betel planed and various additives. "Pan masala" — small packets of betel planed and various additives "in India — Shiloh is still with the big letters! Real chemistry, such a lack of denyug use only.

About India I am aware — there it is manufactured and factory packaged. Incidentally, in the opinion of chewing betel grandmothers strengthens teeth with a black plaque, which they formed in constant use.