Alcohol in Jordan

Jordan wine

Alcoholic beverages in Jordan is plentiful in most cities. And despite the fact that the country in the Arab world — the range is chic. Had already gathered a small selection of local alcoholic beverages in pictures and on this we will not stop. Prices of alcoholic beverages in specialized stores, mostly about price and quality, cheaper than in Russia. For example, a small bottle of wine a wonderful upper right is about 65 Russian rubles. But the emphasis is not on price but on quality! Badyazhit drinks here as it is not accepted.

This is a quick overview of the available alcoholic beverages in the pictures. Naturally, not the entire range, and only taste personally. It certainly could be nasnimali packed to the shelves in wine shops in the professional camera, but it's quite interesting. Prices of alcoholic beverages in a specialty store in the photographs.

About the range we can say that there are almost all global brands and at very reasonable prices. And we are definitely interested in more regional masterpieces. This is certainly the local arrack, and its different varieties are many. Well, do not taste the Jordanian wine — or as it is impossible. Historical thematic material still poizuchat can read all sorts of legends where it all began there, and lyrics about alcohol, and an overview of Jordanian cuisine is quite interesting.

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