Jordan Cuisine


Here a small selection of local dishes review Jordanian cuisine in the images. At the moment, this section is under global reconstruction, but in the long run — much planned. The general opinion of Arab cuisine in this region one — krume oriental sweets and various baking masterpiece, the image of theirs chefov saves only the freshness of the food. Another shawarma is not rare, but real delicious catches, and the divine ny rice was tasted only once per hmm … a total of more than one and a half years in Arab countries.

story here is only about national dishes and various local food service, and not Chinese, Indian and many other institutions, sometimes occurring in this region. National Cuisine includes a number of exciting appetizers, called mezze, arumatnye thin cakes and sweets stunning soaked with syrup, pistachios and other delicacies. Mansaf — a traditional Jordanian dish of lamb cooked with riceom sauce and yogurt. All these dishes are served in a number of Jordanian restaurants specializing in Arab cuisine.

Globally we can say that of hunger here you die just will not work, but cooknye masterpieces are rare. If you are traveling by yourself, then you will be invited several times, if not at once to visit, then at least for coffee or tea. Different materials on the subject had accumulated quite a lot and will soon be mounted.

Jordan — it is almost a paradise for lovers of real coffee and tea, and you can not laugh — the divine pickles … Coffee in the former Nabataean kingdom is not only and not drink as a symbol primarily the local hospitality. So do not be surprised if in some small shop will offer you simply pass the time with a cup of coffee or tea, while the owner will look for the goods you are interested in colors, etc. Krume of coffee or tea you must be offered in either house of Jordan, where you will be invited, and remember that to refuse such an offer — not for good reasons.

Tea is usually offered in small cups, the contents of which will amaze you with their amazing ruby-th color. The Arabs actually know how to cook amazing not only coffee! The abundance of sugar in tea for a guest, also symbolizes and speaks of the hospitality and generosity of the owner. However, even if you do not like sweet tea, but it differs from the European to the best — do not be disheartened: you can always ask here another very refreshing variation of tea, for example, cooked with fresh mint. Photographic materials about the pickles in a variety of tableware is a fair amount of merit a separate topic and will soon be published.

Здесь можно посмотреть цены на alcoholные напитки в специализированном магазине в photoграфиях.