Chefs and home cooks

Настоящий chef

«The cook must be a real artist», uttered by Marie-Antoine Careme, the famous French chef. Who is this guy and what he is famous for — the author of this project is unknown, and read other people's opinions and copyrights on the Internet is not very interesting. But the quote is the essence of the idea of ​​the depth and very worthy. Compose in the style of impressionism classification, we will not, and slowly move to the main theme.

Here we try to sound energy ephemeral promote culinary creativity. And this is precisely the basic understanding and…

Culinary lyrics

The pace of life that gives us the real world, less and less time is left for an unhurried, informed decision of vital issues. We rarely ever begin to understand, but it is philosophy — not a material thing, and abstract. And we are interested in such a significant issue, as concern about the personal security of timely, healthy and delicious food of our favorite organism.

Cooking — it's not only a variety of recipes and a list of products on the background of the sequence of actions. This is primarily intuition, multiplied by Naya-nuances technology making the right food choices. Qualitative cooknaya literature contains tips and stories, anecdotes and other cookny epic in the end. These books offer a rational and creative ways to cook homemade meals based on recipes of the old, traditional cuisine. Accounted for the subtleties and the kitchen a new, unconventional-term and alternative-oh. These editions are designed for a wide readership.

Logical extension of the basic concepts and technologies making delicious on its own page — these tips and compose more detailed and specific.

Cooking methods and technologies in a cauldron, especially when there is no necessary ingredient in the page base variants of heat treatment. The right technology defrosting foods as a separate topic about technology making culinary masterpieces.