Tom Yam

Tom Yam

Tom Yam — one of the most famous Asian culinary delights. In this Thai soup is one of the main daily meals, and so they understand exactly what to eat. Interpretations of the local names for this dish very much and they depend on different products to be added there. Well, here we are, just try to show style Oriental cuisine option in the Russian urbanization.

Motives for the publication of the abstract page: Warning! — This is only an overview of the original and almost nothing has. This publication is only in the abstract, study format.

As for finding recipes on the Internet… something even conventionally intelligible content to find it is practically impossible. Fasting in most cases, the full get along, or missing key points and components. And then all this nonsense copy-paste from each other and will present under different names…

Basic technologies and tips gathered from fairly decent practical sources. It is also repeatedly carried out a variety of personal experiments, but the interesting variations in the home — always very far from the original… but… but there is no accounting for tastes.

Here we consider the simplest option of making this soup does not require much effort. Recipe can see on the bottom of the picture, and the final stage — at the top photo. The difference between the text and photographic embodiment prescription due to the specificity of the quality of existing frozen food.

Preparation technology and key actions

First, cook filler — shrimp or meat almost ready. Fungi any place run. Then pour back our concentrate and all necessarily under constant stirring — keeping a harmonious balance without Komkova substance. The roots of ginger and fish sauce to add in advance is desirable.
Bring to a boil…
Well, look at the picture.  :)

The final step — the addition of lime juice.
Little it is desirable and of course mix well.
In principle — and you can try.

Tom Yam, concentrate for soup

The composition of extra spice and quantity of products — the value is always situational and creative. Tsifernye equivalents depend on the size of dish, and personal tastes.

As for the various spices are added… The possible combinations are: sweet bell pepper, various types of hot peppers, cloves, bay leaf. Fantasy has no limits, depending on the availability of spices and the mood to experiment. All this from a lack of relevant and high quality supplements.

All ingenious is simple — in this case is even relevant. Our task was to prepare the sour-spicy soup saturated.


Quality and availability of products is the main secret stunned goodies. Here is a version of the cooking at home with a small volume. In the real world — the technology quite different for many reasons. The main problem is the complete absence of the required quality ingredients. More if you're interested — only there they find out. :) But that's another story, and the purchase package — the only way here is to experiment. A brief review of the homeland of this soup and Thai cooking about exoticism in pictures with commentary.