Momo and their variants

Жареные момо

Momo in our understanding — this is very real dumplings. This Tibetan momo dumplings, and Nepalese, Chinese bautszy, Buryat posture, etc.

Momo — is often cooked dumplings steamed or boiled in the form of products from unleavened dough, stuffed with minced meat.

This delicious dish is prepared and worthy pretty quickly in the presence of semi-finished products. The main feature — a regular defrosting, though rarely freezes. And of course nepereparit and neperezharit — they are very unhappy zadubeyut or implode.

As for the various spices are added…
Possible combinations of different fish or natural soy sauce — if any.
Masala cooks well on oil-based. About masala site is more — a mix of spices.
Fantasy has no limits, depending on the availability of spices and the mood to experiment.

Momo, like most varieties of dumplings are usually stored frozen, and prepared always immediately before use. Lay them in boiling water or meat or vegetable broth and cook until until they float, and then another couple of minutes. The finished dish is served a variety of sauces, flavored oil, vinegar, mustard and local herbs.

Often fried dumplings ready until golden. Raw momo fry — is mauvais ton, but once again observed and such real masterpieces. You can also submit them along with the broth in which they were prepared in the form of soup. Tibetan dumplings cooking in the oven in a ceramic pot is not practical — it's from a different world cuisines.

Момо с супом

Epilogue to the dumplings

All this clearly has to be tried in the region. Some stylized momo cook it certainly can, but…

Обжаренные dumplingsChinese dumplings
variety of frying in the pan to the classic version